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Representing a large variety of clients in Virginia and beyond, Elwood Consulting is a government relations and association management firm providing a full range of services. Elwood’s clients include statewide associations and a diverse mix of corporate interests. The firm specializes in the areas of traditional lobbying, association management, business-to-government (B2G) and economic development. We provide clients with a quick, cost effective means of achieving results on both the state and local levels and design government relations programs to address the specific needs of our clients, assembling hand-picked teams whose backgrounds and qualifications are specifically matched to the project. These projects range from narrowly focused problem solving such as removing a single administrative roadblock, to more extensive efforts such as major multi-year legislative initiatives.

Contact information:

Bill Elwood
President & CEO
Matthew Stanley
Director of Government & Association Relations


Elwood Consulting, LLC
PO Box 618
Richmond, Virginia 23218


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